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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Awesome T-Shirts

Hey, It's Myles

Well, I'm always looking for awesome t-shirts, and I'm a huge nerd, so I found this one place, called Nerdy Shirts. They add a new t-shirt every Monday, and almost all of them are hilarious, and I'm sure even lots of you non nerds will still understand and love a lot of the shirts there. The other place I found is called Threadless, they're a bit different than Nerdy Shirts in that they have a HUGE selection of different shirts on all kinds of different topics, but the coolest part is that EVERY single shirt is made by visitors to the site. Oh, and right now Threadless has this awesome sale on, a giant selection of shirts are only $10 each!

Okay, so yeah, I make a couple bucks if you buy a t-shirt using the link. :P So what. If someone actually buys one from Nerdy Shirts, let me know and I'll probably buy one using your affiliate link. If you'd like.


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