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Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's About Time.

Yes! I agree 100% with this article. How can you be loyal to a company? Most companies (Including Apple) are in it for the profit. They don't care what's best for the consumer. Period. They care about profit. Apple doesn't even include a damned AC adapter with iPods. Why? Because they don't care about the consumer. All they care is that the consumer buys. And the consumer will continue to buy if they stay stuck in this stupid mentality that everything a company they like makes is the be-all end all of that type of product. The iPod isn't the best MP3 player out there. There are others, cheaper, more colourful, with more features, with easier to use controls. but no one buys them. Because, you know why? The same reason 80% of the people that own iPods own them. Because they think they're cool, some sort of status symbol. You probably wouldn't believe how many people think and iPod and an MP3 player are two different things. Yikes. Get out of your mindset folks. Stop assuming that a company you like is awesome and always will be, because they won't.

"I'll save my admiration for the guy making minimum wage who still finds the time and a few bucks to help someone less fortunate than he is. Or the schoolmarm who teaches your children how to read. Or the doctor who provides affordable medical care to a needy community instead of setting up a lucrative practice in Beverly Hills. "Hero" is a word that's bandied about a little too casually these days, but there are still real heroes out there. Almost without exception, though, you've never heard of them."

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