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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Despite Illegal Downloading RIAA/IFPI Tripled Profits In Last 2 Years!

Despite illegal music downloading on the internet being at an all time high, the RIAA/IFPA have experienced an all time high in profits, tripling where they were 2 years ago!


Wow. If it wasn't for P2P networks I never would have heard System of a Down. So I guess I never would have bought EVERY DAMN ONE of there CDs eh? Same goes for Audioslave, Nirvana and just about every other CD I own.

Stupid RIAA. I don't believe in stealing artists work. I download it, if I like a lo of their songs, I buy it. If not, I delete it. Or maybe keep ONE song. But if there is only one good song, they don't deserve my money. :P


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