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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

TechTv2 (Inside info)

(above: screenshot of TechTV2 beta site)

With the release of TROTSS
and the following announcements from TechTV 2 makes me want to say tech is really returning to the media (yay!, Kevin Rose you listening?).
Note: The Alex they are talking about is not Alex from TSS it is Alex Norton (no relation to Patrick Norton i assume)

Authenticated comment...

Hey Mike and every one!
I am sorry for the long delay but Alex had been busy while I was on vacation and guess what? We now have full control over again (still a work in progress)!

And that isn't the only news, we are going to call it Tech Tv 2.0 since Comcast has no use for TechTV they are essentially saying they don't care about TechTV and thus if they sue me I can show a pattern of a monopoly on their end.
Again, I am sorry for this issue taking so long but I was keeping quiet due to Alex working out some deals to get back and for us to use the TechTv 2.0 logo, name..etc

Authenticated post at AntiG4TechTV...

Yes, we were hacked a while back and everything was then taken away from us and now the better part of this news is that Alex has been doing some work and now is back in our possession. What exactly does this mean? In the short term, little to nothing how-ever in the long term run of things it means TechTV 2.0 will be going on as we originally planned and with out the stupid Technology through Vision scheme we had to quickly devise.
What makes us think Comcast will allow this to happen? First of all, here in the United states we have anti trust laws and in such a case if a company buys another just to shut it down that is a case of Anti Trust and is a therefore it creates an outlook of Comcast as a Monopoly. If they ever decide to file a lawsuit then I will welcome it.

TechTV 2.0 is coming soon.

Also, when our website is up and running it may look a lot like the old TechTV site, and it will have an application form for anyone who wishes to be a part of TechTV 2.0. As of now we can not pay anyone whether it is a host, producer...etc

Best regards,

Bobby & Alex

According to this, their website will be at and it will look like the old techtv site!!! They also mention if Comcast sues them they will counter sue with an Antitrust lawsuit. Also they are looking for hosts and producers for their shows. Anybody ready to be a star?


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