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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Firefox Browser Live-demo CD

On my other blog I talk about how I would love to be able to give a CD out with Firefox on it for people to install, but a lot of people don't want to install anything or go through a set-up procedure. Using John Haller's Portable Firefox Live (Run From a CD) program I have created a CD that, when inserted into a Windows machine, will copy a stripped-down version of Firefox to the client computer's hard drive and launch it. When Firefox launches it will display a completely local version of this page that explains to the user that they are running off of a non-installed version of Firefox and that they can download a full version. The Firefox version being copied over is the same Firefox version used with the Portable Firefox program (that means that it does not place any extra files on the client computer's hard drive). After the user is done playing around with Firefox it deletes all Firefox files originally copied over.

You can download the files to make my CD. If you want to download a ZIP archive of the files go here. To make the CD place all of the files from the ZIP archive into the base directory of a CD. If you want to burn an ISO of my CD you can get one here.


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