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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Is Nintendo About to Go 3D?

However, by far the most intriguing piece of 'unconfirmed but wouldn't it be great if it were true' gossip concerns the console's display technology, which he suggests could involve 3D image projection. Could this really be a possibility?

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Very Early Mario Commercial

Here's a commercial for the original Mario Brothers, it's really a blast from the past. Also notice that there's no mention of Nintendo

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Nintendo DS sales pass the 5 million mark

The five-million mark was actually passed mid-March, the company said, just after the console's UK launch, during which it became the fastest-selling console in UK videogaming history

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Redesigned Atari 2600 for $30

If you were as disappointed as I was when word came out that the Atari Flashback was going to look like the generic Atari 7800, then take heart. The Atari Flashback 2.0 is going full-on retro with faux wood paneling, two 2600 controllers and 40 games of 70s and 80s goodness.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

DOM-Scripted Lists, Revisited

David Lindquist (gazingus) shows how you can use unobtrusive JavaScript to make nested lists expandable. Neat scripting, and the resulting list does not require a mouse to operate.

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Wondering why there are no .zip files for the Fx and Tb 1.0.2 releases?

During previous releases, a number of people grabbed the .zip package and used that in their Firefox installation directory. When Firefox 1.0.1 rolled around, they grabbed the .exe installer package...

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Alliance Formed to Finger Hackers

Arbor Networks, a Lexington, Mass.-based network security firm, today announced the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance, an initiative comprised of global communications service providers committed to helping network operators share Internet attack information automatically.

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Snakebot slithers through rough terrain

The OmniTread, a snakelike robot developed at the University of Michigan, moves by rolling like a log or inching along as an inchworm would.

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Battle brews over unlocking PC secrets

As computer makers move to embed security features deep within the viscera of PCs, a fight is erupting over the BIOS, a rarely noticed but crucial application that controls a machine before the operating system can take over.

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Half-Life 2: Aftermath sneak peek on Steam and 3 new HL2DM maps next week

According to there will be a sneak peek of the upcoming continuation of HL2 as well as 3 maps for HL2DM. The maps are from the HL2DM map contest winners

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Free Conker Xbox Demo

Free is good. Game is good too.

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Ohio wants GPS implants in ex-cons

Butler County, Ohio Commissioner is proposing that anyone on parole or probation be required to have GPS monitoring chips implanted so their movements can be tracked remotely, this despite the fact that sub-dermal GPS chips don�t exist (he�s probably thinking of RFID chips).

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Microsoft licenses software to competitor

Microsoft Corp, the world's largest software maker, signed an agreement allowing its biggest mobile phone software rival, Symbian Ltd, to deliver e-mail stored with Microsoft's Exchange program to customers' phones.

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Banks eye bootable Linux CDs

Australian company Cybersource says it's currently talking to two domestic banks about providing Linux-based bootable CDs to consumers to ensure Internet banking security.

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Samsung to launch WiFi camcorders in Mideast

Samsung Electronics is considering to launch camcorders in Middle East based on WiFi technology, said Makarand Phadke, sales and marketing manager. The camcorders will be WiFi compatible and will adapt the same technology as the WiFi hotspots do. The WiFi hotspots offer higher bandwidth at increased speed for internet connectivity."

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UK games industry 'needs support'

The video games industry in the UK is looking healthy but could do with more government support. More software and games are being sold overseas than are imported, a good sign for the economy. The rising cost of making games has meant many studios have closed however, sending talent overseas.

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Weekend Hack Infects Hosting Servers

The Internet Storm Center (ISC) tracked a large-scale hack over the weekend that infected site-hosting servers, which in turn transformed all the hosted sites into distributors of malicious code.

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Nine tips for filtering messages in Novell Evolution

Novell Evolution has become a world-class email client. It's sleek, beautiful, and very powerful. Because it can do so many things, it can be a bit intimidating for first-time users. NewsForge have put together this guide to help new Evolution users do one thing: filter the mail.

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FBI May Have to Scrap New $170M Computer Program

The software is already outdated and inadequate, with the bureau able to use only about one-tenth of the program, an FBI official said on condition of anonymity.

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interview: chase masterson

Interview with Star Trek Dabo girl and all around hottie Chase Masterson. Chase talks about fans that become fanatical, her new jazz album, and loving a Ferengi.

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IBM Adds SUSE to ISV Certification Program

IBM announced the launch of a SUSE Linux development and certification program for ISVs at nine of its 25 Innovation Centers. The addition of the popular Novell Linux distribution comes three months after the Armonk, N.Y., IT giant launched a similar program for developers on the Red Hat.

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Mobile operator fined for SMS spam

German mobile telephone operator Debitel has been fined the record sum of two million kroner (�269,000) by a Danish commercial court for sending unsolicited text and email messages to phone users.

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UK passenger trains to be fitted with WiFi

National Express Group plans to install wireless internet access on trains run by at least three of its operating companies. Midland Mainline, London Eastern Railway and Wales and West Passenger Trains have yet to appoint companies to provide the services, but contracts are likely to run for five years.

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CeBIT Closes Door on Gedget Fest

The booths that have been home to tech firms for the last week are being dismantled and the gadgets carefully packed away as CeBIT 2005, one of the world's largest technology show, draws to a close.

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FTC Assassinates Spyware Spoofer

Ken Dunham, director of malicious code research at iDefense, said this FTC bust is probably just the beginning of government crackdowns on Internet fraudsters: "I expect to see additional actions taken by the government and other authorities to try to stop spamming, stop fraud and stop malicious attacks."

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Dc++ .671 Released

Newest beta has been released today!
* Fixed an issue when loading pre-671 file lists
* Fixed the hub frame context menu fix

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New Legend of Zelda GC & Zelda DS Scans

The newest issue of Hobby Consolas, a Spanish gaming magazine, has unveiled lots of new screens and information on the upcoming Legend of Zelda for GameCube and a small blurb on Zelda for the Nintendo DS. Both games are expected to be shown off at E3

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Simple Mod Increases Bluetooth Range Up To 1 Mile

Bluetooth is best known for short-range, low-bandwidth wireless jobs: connecting a cellphone with a headset or syncing a PDA with a nearby computer. But just as a flashlight�s reflector focuses a small bulb�s light to make it appear brighter, the right antenna can boost a weak wireless signal.

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History of Technology

Nice overview of the history of technology. Broken down by categories, and contains pictures.

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Open source alternative to PGPDisk

Kevin Rose recently showcased PGPDisk on Attack of the Show. TrueCrypt is an open source alternative. Has all the same options, equal, if not better encryption and best of all is free.

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Body Glove Neoprene Laptop Sleeve 15" $3.99

A mobile necessity for notebook users who don't want the bulk of a traditional laptop case.Features:
- Fashionable Body Glove' style and cutting edge durability
- Top loading neoprene sleeve with zipper closure
- Padded walls for superior notebook protection
- Includes extra pocket for storage
- Fits most notebooks up to 15-inch screens

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The Atari 2600 Webserver

A funny look at an Atari 2600 web server. How did they get that ethernet to work?

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8Mbps Broadband Promised By Christmas

ISP Thus and BT are trialling a new broadband service that will offer 8Mbps connections straight to the home.

The first tests will begin in April and the company hopes to roll out the service nationwide by the end of the year. No details have yet been released on pricing, but Thus insisted that costs will only increase incrementally.

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Microsoft to Support Linux in Virtual Server

Techworld is reporting that Microsoft has announced support for running Linux on their virtualization software, Virtual Server 2005

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Woman Behind Wendy's Finger Arrested

The woman who claimed she found a finger in her bowl of Wendy�s chili last month has been arrested, the latest twist in a bizarre case about how the 1 1/2-inch finger tip ended up in a bowl of fast food. Surprised?

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Inventor creates soundless sound system

"There's no speaker, but when I point this pad at you, you will hear the waterfall". Elwood "Woody" Norris pointed a metal frequency emitter at one of perhaps 30 people who had come to see his invention. The emitter - an aluminum square - was hooked up by a wire to a CD player. Norris switched on the CD player.

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Full Collection of Google Icons in Zip File

I�ve had this collection of Google icons for a while now, I�ve been taking every icon that Google has had on their homepage, and organized it by year. Enjoy!

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53 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena

These pages demonstrates some cool optical illusions!

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Original GOOGLE Computer Storage

The development of the Google algorithms was carried on on a variety of Computers, mainly provided by the NSF-DARPA-NASA-funded Digital Library project at Stanford. We show here the original storage assembly, containing 10 4 Gigabyte disk drives, giving 40 Gbytes total.

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Hilton Opens the First Undersea Restaurant

Hilton has opened the world�s first undersea restaurant at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa Rangali Island. The restaurant sits over 16 feet down in the Indian ocean and has 270-degree water views.

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Dell Inspiron 1000 $499 Instant Rebate

Dell has an Inspiron 1000, Celeron 2.2, XP Home, 256mb memory, 30GB hard drive, CDRW-DVD player, for $499. Just use coupon code "1Z6Q6QN2SX6D9R" to get $250 instantly off the price.

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Microsoft patents 911

Microsoft was today granted a patent for accessing data used by the emergency services. "The present invention provides a method and system for maintaining emergency data in a manner that provides straightforward user access thereto via a displayed emergency page (or set of pages) or other suitable user interface."

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Getting Started with UNIX

A general introduction and reference for Unix novices, with things of interest for experienced users, covering how to log on and log off from a Unix system, how to work with Unix files and directories, how to protect and manage your account, how to work with the Unix shell, how to use network tools and more

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Site All About Widgets in OS X

Here is a site that talks about new widgets for OS X. It also talks about widget technologies and how to easily make widgets!

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TechTv2 (Inside info)

(above: screenshot of TechTV2 beta site)

With the release of TROTSS
and the following announcements from TechTV 2 makes me want to say tech is really returning to the media (yay!, Kevin Rose you listening?).
Note: The Alex they are talking about is not Alex from TSS it is Alex Norton (no relation to Patrick Norton i assume)

Authenticated comment...

Hey Mike and every one!
I am sorry for the long delay but Alex had been busy while I was on vacation and guess what? We now have full control over again (still a work in progress)!

And that isn't the only news, we are going to call it Tech Tv 2.0 since Comcast has no use for TechTV they are essentially saying they don't care about TechTV and thus if they sue me I can show a pattern of a monopoly on their end.
Again, I am sorry for this issue taking so long but I was keeping quiet due to Alex working out some deals to get back and for us to use the TechTv 2.0 logo, name..etc

Authenticated post at AntiG4TechTV...

Yes, we were hacked a while back and everything was then taken away from us and now the better part of this news is that Alex has been doing some work and now is back in our possession. What exactly does this mean? In the short term, little to nothing how-ever in the long term run of things it means TechTV 2.0 will be going on as we originally planned and with out the stupid Technology through Vision scheme we had to quickly devise.
What makes us think Comcast will allow this to happen? First of all, here in the United states we have anti trust laws and in such a case if a company buys another just to shut it down that is a case of Anti Trust and is a therefore it creates an outlook of Comcast as a Monopoly. If they ever decide to file a lawsuit then I will welcome it.

TechTV 2.0 is coming soon.

Also, when our website is up and running it may look a lot like the old TechTV site, and it will have an application form for anyone who wishes to be a part of TechTV 2.0. As of now we can not pay anyone whether it is a host, producer...etc

Best regards,

Bobby & Alex

According to this, their website will be at and it will look like the old techtv site!!! They also mention if Comcast sues them they will counter sue with an Antitrust lawsuit. Also they are looking for hosts and producers for their shows. Anybody ready to be a star?

Friday, April 15, 2005

It's PIMPIN' time!

First of all. Anyone and EVERYONE who uses MSN should have the MsgPlus Extension for MSN by Patchou. You can find it here. There is just so much it has to offer. Such as:

Custom Emotions
Custom Emotion Sounds
Custom Contact Names

And there is just SOOOO much more! Download it now!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Firefox Browser Live-demo CD

On my other blog I talk about how I would love to be able to give a CD out with Firefox on it for people to install, but a lot of people don't want to install anything or go through a set-up procedure. Using John Haller's Portable Firefox Live (Run From a CD) program I have created a CD that, when inserted into a Windows machine, will copy a stripped-down version of Firefox to the client computer's hard drive and launch it. When Firefox launches it will display a completely local version of this page that explains to the user that they are running off of a non-installed version of Firefox and that they can download a full version. The Firefox version being copied over is the same Firefox version used with the Portable Firefox program (that means that it does not place any extra files on the client computer's hard drive). After the user is done playing around with Firefox it deletes all Firefox files originally copied over.

You can download the files to make my CD. If you want to download a ZIP archive of the files go here. To make the CD place all of the files from the ZIP archive into the base directory of a CD. If you want to burn an ISO of my CD you can get one here.

Monday, April 04, 2005

DIY iPod stand

So, you've bought a brand-new iPod, opened the box and couldn't find the dock? ... make a functional and damn sexy stand yourself.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

How a motherboard is made

Well. I'm sure not too many of you have really thought about this before have you? It is WAY more complex and in-depth then you might expect.

How motherboards are made.

via: Slashdot

Add a List of the Top 10 Songs to Your Site

Add an updating list of the top 10 Songs (according to iTunes) to your site in two steps! The list's design is based off the design of the list.

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Linux on a Flash Drive

Learn how to install Linux on a flash drive!

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Add the Current Terror Alert Level to Your Site

To put the current terror alert level on your website, simply paste this code into your site's HTML.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Halo 2 Easter eggs revealed

Got eggs? Well, you do now. In an unprecedented move, Max Hoberman, Multiplayer Lead, reveals a few top secret eggs hidden in the multiplayer portion of Halo 2.

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Is Your Web Site Vulnerable?

The Wall Street Journal has a stunning report out today that says that one of the most widely used and state of the art encryption techniques is vulnerable to attack.

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Mac OS X on an 'Pod

Happy April Fool's Day!

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