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Monday, March 28, 2005

Leaked MSN version

OK, so some of you probably know about MSN 7 BETA. The current PUBLIC release version is 7.0.0425. Which you can find here. Now, if your like me and like to keep up and tech news and always want new ways of messing with messenger. You frequently check out and you would already know about the leaked version of MSN 7 BETA. The LEAKED version is 7.0.0732. You would also already know about the Mess Patch for MSN 7.0.0732 AND MessengerPlus 3.50!

So how about some links you say?

MSN 7 BETA (7.0.0732) - HERE

Mess Patch (7.0.0732) - HERE

Messenger Plus! 3.50 - HERE

PS - Messenger Plus! 3.50 asks to install a sponser program along with it, but no worries because when you select NO, it is NOT installed, no exceptions.

EDIT: Instead of bumping this post down, I'll just show you my current background image here. I'm using Virtual Desktop switcher so I cut this image in four. When I got to the "all 4 desktops" view. It shows the whole thing as a whole. :P Its kinda neat.

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